Another group to enter PPOP DOMINATION 😀

B★GIRLS is a new girl group in the making,soon to join the all-female-membered PPOP Groups not later than this year!:D They will release TEASER PHOTOS this June!

According to their Facebook Fan Page, B★GIRLS stands for “Be a STAR Girls.” A Seven(7) member girl PPOP Group with powerful voices that took extensive training to prepare for their debut and to be able to get the attention of possible fans and supporters of PPOP.

B★GIRLS is not under Viva,so they dont belong to POP GIRLS,XLR8 and EURASIA’s Record Label “PPOP”- a sister label of Viva Records.

PPOP Supporters are all excited for their debut appearance on TV,and it could be on GMA, ABSCBN or TV5.And all of us will be waiting until we see the birth of this new PPOP GROUP that would help PPOP to Dominate not just here in PILIPINAS but to Dominate ASIA as well!:D


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HEHE. :)
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6 Responses to B★GIRLS?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    sana naman magaling sila.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From my own opinion B★GIRLS is a bad choice of group name it’s kinda a cheap group name. hope these girls will do a great job!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hope that their performance does not reflect on their name..

  4. meeyamia says:

    Can you guys update on which management agency these girls are under?

  5. echosera says:

    ampanget ng name. di ba sila makaisip ng pangalan na wala yung “girls”??

    meron nang pop girls, tapos bgirls naman?
    an0 n lng nxt nyan, cute girls? sxy girls? ano?

  6. sarte_hazel says:

    hayyyy nako sana mga tweens din cla like pop girls tyaka dont write bad comments just cause their name is cheap asahana natin na aangat din cla nohhhhhh malay nyo guys may ibubuga yang mga yan like pop girls di ntin naasahan na darating cla sa puntong nakuha sa tv series na glee

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