PEP: Teen Group POP GIRLS being eyed for TV series à la Glee

Viva Entertainment’s all-teen group Pop Girls is overwhelmed because of the many blessings that have been coming their way lately. After their debut album was released under Viva Records, they became regular performers on GMA-7 Sunday variety show, Party Pilipinas. And recently, they were chosen to be the endorsers of Sisters feminine napkins and pantyliners.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed the Pop Girls during a press conference hosted by Sisters at City Best restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Friday, May 21.
“We’re surprised by the many opportunities we’ve been having. But of course we’re very happy and thankful,” said all of the Pop Girls comprised of Schai (15 years old), Nadine (16), Rose (14), and twins Lai and Mar (17).

PARTY PILIPINAS THRILLS. The Pop Girls are delighted to be part of Party Pilipinas.

“We’re happy because we’re able to show our talent in singing and dancing at Party Pilipinas,” said Shai.

What do they enjoy in Party Pilipinas.?

“Of course bonding with everyone. We get to know the people in the show better during rehearsals. Before, we only saw them on TV. Now we get to hang out with them. They’re all nice to us. It feels like our families are growing as we gain new friends,” said Lai.
Among the hosts and performers of the show, they are most at ease with the StarStruck V group, which includes Steven Silva, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino, Sarah Lahbati, Diva Montelaba and Nina Kodaka, because they are all newcomers to the show.
One of their most unforgettable experiences is when they performed with Regine Velasquez in a production number.
“Wow! Of course, she’s Regine Velasquez , Asia’s Songbird. (We’ve looked up to her) even in the days of S.O.P. (Sunday variety show which Party Pilipinas replaced). Her level is so high up there while we’re just newcomers, but she still agreed to have a song number with us. It’s really a big honor for us. We’re super thankful to the hosts and staff of Party Pilipinas,” said Nadine.
PEP also asked them if they were affected by the resignation of Party Pilipinas director Louie Ignacio and the change of directors.
“We were surprised when we found out. We weren’t too affected maybe because we’re new to the show. To us, whoever becomes the director of Party Pilipinas, we’ll just follow whatever instructions are given to us,” said Schai.
CELEBRITY ENDORSERS. They are deeply thankful for Party Pilipinas. The reason they were able to secure a product endorsement was through exposure in the show.
“Of course, since we perform there regularly, we have constant appearances and exposure. It’s a big thing for us and helps our group to get other opportunities like endorsing a product,” said Rose.

What do they think is they reason why Sisters chose them?

“Because of our image; we’re fresh, we’re new, we’re young and wholesome. Sisters is meant for young girls like us. It is fit for daily use,” said Mar.
Sisters napkin owner, Aileen Go, cleared during the presscon that they did not replace Maja Salvador as endorser. They’re only adding to the set of endorsers by including Pop Girls.
Pop Girls supports the effort ng Sisters napkin to promote positive moral values and success ethics for the youth.
In fact, Sisters gave out certificates of recognition, cash prizes, and gifts to exemplary youth achievers sa high school.
NO TO BOYFRIENDS. For now, they are not allowed to have boyfriends as they want to concentrate in making the group famous. They say they’re still young so they do not need to rush into getting a lovelife.
We can still be friends with boys but that’s the thing, no relationships for now. We also had a talk with Boss Vic [del Rosario, Viva big boss] that we would focus on our career first,” said Mar.
Of course they can’t avoid having crushes on actors in the showbiz. At first, the Pop Girls were shy to answer but the members of the press were able to persuade them. Lai likes Aljur Abrenica, Shai goes for AJ Perez, Rico Blanco for Nadine, Richard Gutierrez for Rose, and Rocco Nacino for Mar..
ACTING PROJECT. Pop Girls’ fame has been steadily rising after they released their 13-track debut album produced by renowned international producers Christian de Waldenand Marcus Davis. Though aside from singing, dancing and endorsements, the Pop Girls will be acting soon.

“We were told that we would be included in a musical soap like Glee. Hopefully it pushes through. We’re excited because will be another new experience for our group to show everyone that we can do something different,” said Nadine.

Are they a package deal such that they would always have to be together for any project?

“For now we and Viva want for us to be together and work as a group,” explained Schai.
Lai added, “Of course we want to first promote our being a group and maybe when the group is established, the time will come when we can do solo projects also. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll part ways as a group. Right now we’re a group.”
Credits to nakupotheydidnt for English Translations!:D


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