Did you attend?
Share you experience Please!:D
HATAW ba your experience?!
Go ahead, Share it!:D


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HEHE. :)
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4 Responses to REV UP!:XLR8’s First Ever FAN MEETING

  1. AngeLiica says:

    . SUPER LiKE 🙂

    I do love all the stuffs! i mean .. all the things that happened . super thanks to admins, and xlr8 ! 😀
    yeah! lhat nman nagenjoy .. cnu bang hndi dba?? bsta sobrang
    happy tlga this day! ang epic ng question and answer ! :)) IF UR A GIRL =)) :)) sket ng tyan ko kktawa :)) super saya kce mas nakilala nmen ang bawat member ng xlr8 .. mas nakakausp namin cla ! 😡

    SPECIAL THANKS TO XLR8 ! love u guys ~

  2. Paula Dy-Liacco says:

    Thank you so much for those who attended the gath yesterday 🙂
    It was a lot of fun! Enjoy kaming lahat kahit haggard at pagod na 🙂 WORTH IT NAMAN!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ms. paula..could you please share this entry to those who attended the event?we would like to know what are their experiences..hehe thanks!:D

  4. JOVEROSE^_^... says:

    paano po bang maging parte ng A.FM?
    ASin yungpwede kong makausap ang xlr8! ,, updated ako sa sched …

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