Isiak Holiday:Certified P-POP Lover

American Isiak Holiday Jr covers P-pop craze song “I Love You” and “I’ll Be There. This was a special request by a facebook fan of Isiak’s and we decided that this was a good, new trendy song. Our support goes out to P-Pop as it begins to grow just like K-Pop and J-pop. We thought that P-pop has a lot of potential in that, the English meshes well with the Tagalog words. This is a very different video, a song that is not the usual ballad power that Isiak sings, but we hope you all enjoy his contemporary Pop song. It’s got a little twist too.”

“To XLR8 or anyone who knows them, this is our tribute and shout out to ya’ll.
Best of luck with P-Pop!”

Sweet ^_^

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HEHE. :)
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2 Responses to Isiak Holiday:Certified P-POP Lover

  1. PPOP says:

    are there any text clans for P-POP supporters?

  2. Anonymous says:


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