If you weren’t a performer, what would be your dream job?

Kiko: I guess graphic designer

Arkin: Stage actor or TV actor. I also might finish college and take a professional job like being a businessman or doctor

AJ: Of course, musician or businessman

MM: I really want to be a TV or stage play director

Caleb: To be a missionary doctor. I stopped with my Nursing course;I was in my second year but there was an audition at VIVA when my cousin Carlo brought me along. The missionaries for Canada wanted me to come to Canada that time but I couldn’t since I have midterms and final [exams?] by that time.

MJ: To be able to compose songs or be a painter or anything related to multimedia arts.

Carlo: The same thing. But I might be more successful if I have the right decisions where I won’t have regrets and by that time I was able to finish my studies and I get more used in thanking God in everything I do.

Aki: Pilot

What hobbies do you have outside music?

Kiko: Hanging out, party, drawing — anything that has to do with arts. I usually hang out at home or at a friend’s house, at the mall — anywhere where I have company.

Arkin: I love playing play station. Gadgets. Eating, that’s why I’m chubby. I also like to read books about Science but languages are my weaknesses.

MM: Playing billiards and basketball. Playing bass guitar and working out.

Caleb: I play basketball and chess. I try all kinds of sport.

MJ: My past times are playing basketball and billiards. Watching TV, hanging out with my friends and family. And of course, even when I’m busy now, I don’t forget to go to church.

Carlo: I like surfing the net all the time. Talking to the fans via blogTV and chat with them. I like watching movies. I like playing video games as well.

Aki: Being an actor. I have a regular stint at Walang Tulugan.

What kind of music are you into right now? And which artists do you look up to as inspiration?

Kiko: Actually, I wasn’t a pop singer before. I like ballads and standard songs — Josh Groban, Michael Buble. I had to adjust. I listened to other R&B singers, the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Kris Lawrence, Jay-R.

Arkin: Pop and R&B particularly Jonas Brothers, Ne-yo. For local music, Christian Bautista.

AJ: I really look for great solo guitarists like Steve bay, Joss Adriani, Jerry See, and Michael Angelo. In singing, David Cook, because before this, I came from a live band so my background is slightly rock when it comes to music.

MM: I really like R&B love songs and R&B Hiphop and a little bit of pop. My musical heroes are Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Ne-o, Usher, and Michael Jackson to name a few.

Caleb: R&B but I got inspired by Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” before I auditioned. That was the time I got into acoustic songs.

MJ: I think I’m versatile because I can sing any genre but my inspirations will be King of Pop Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Ne-yo as a composer.

Carlo: I like rock, pop, any kind of music even if it’s hard core as long as it’s fun to listen to. I like funny people who can like Jack Black or Michael Buble. I like Lady Gaga too because her style is crazy. Of course, Michael Jackson will always be in the list and maybe we got influenced by J-pop and K-pop. But we’re trying out best not to imitate them so we could have our own identity.

Aki: MJ’s composition which is I “Love You, Girl”. Christian Bautista, David Archuleta, David Cook, Chris Brown and Ne-yo.

Who is your dream girl?

Kiko: Jojo because she sings well and is beautiful

Arkin: Of course, I like someone who is kind and intellectual, fun to be with and someone who shows her personality. Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis.

AJ: Elisa Catburg(translator: Elisha Cuthbert?) because she looks like an angel. She’s the one in Girl Next Door.

MM: Anne Hathaway, Georgina Wilson, and Taylor Swift.

Caleb: Someone who has a good heart, God-fearing, thoughtful and fun to be with.

MJ: In Hollywood, Taylor Swift. While looking at her, you can see that she’s getting prettier.

Carlo: Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

What’s your biggest dream for the group?

Kiko: I hope that many people will like us and learn that we aren’t copying J-pop or K-pop groups. We are trying out best to establish our own identity.

Arkin: of course, for us to be successful. And to have a stable fan base. I hope that they believe in us because we are doing our best to be successful. And the issues about us copying J-pop and K-pop groups. Maybe they’re just alienated and hopefully, they broaden their understanding. We can’t be stuck up with ballads, rock and alternative. We need a little fusion or combination in music like pop and R&B if there’d be innovation, we can compete to prove that we Filipinos that we can. Not just copying.

AJ: Of course, to have a world tour and be known like Michael Jackson who is known by all.

MM: To be known worldwide

MJ: For our dreams to come true. I want to be known not only here but also elswwhere.

Carlo: I have a simple dream. I like to work hard just to make people smile because first, you make your family proud and stuff like that and the next is the one you’re making happy is someone you don’t know. To inspire others

Aki: Hopefully we’ll have more projects and mall tours.

What’s the craziest dream you had?

Kiko: To be an astronaut but when I saw Armageddon I got scared.

Arkin: To play the violin

AJ: Maybe to be a famous guitarist and to have a concert in the moon that is televised then all would watch. It’s a good feeling, I think. I also want to release videos though the internet.

MM: To perform like Charice Pempengco

Caleb: When I was a kid, I wanted to be the president of the Philippines

MJ: I wanted to follow the footsteps of Michael Jackson

Carlo: My dream is to know what my dream is. Anything can happen and anything is possible

Aki: To tour the whole world in a span of two years

Have you Had a Girlfriend?

Kiko: No

Arkin: Honestly, I already had one.

AJ: Of course

MM: Yes

Caleb: No girlfriend since birth

MJ: Yes

Aki: One, when I was in Japan

What’s life lesson you learned as a teenager?

Kiko: Never rush in life. it’s okay to wait because the right time will come.

Arkin: Take time to decide, you should really think first. And think about what you’re going to say a lot of times.

AJ: You have to grab all opportunities because who knows, you might grabthe one that would make you successful.

MM: Don’t take drugs. It brings no benefit. It’s just a short–lived joy and it will ruin you.

Caleb: I used to see life as fun but as I grew up I saw the responsibilities I have to do. With the help of God, I was able to overcome trials.

MJ: What our parents say is true even if they are strict. It’s for our good. And never stop dreaming — there are times when I lose hope but I learned to have strong faith and you could reach your dreams.

Carlo: I learned how to respect girls. I’ve lots of best friends and I always help them. I thought that fighting is not the answer for everything , same goes for money. You can’t buy your friends and of course don’t be air headed in things like this. Stay humble.

Aki: Now that I’m hear in the Philippines, I learned how to sympathize esp with the poor people.

What’s the hardest part of working toward stardom?

Kiko: It’s tiring sometimes, like now we have been rehearsing for almost two weeks in GMA. We should be living there by now(laughs).

Arkin: You cannot please anyone. All you do is be yourself. It’s normal to have haters but we’re are the adjustment period. We need to be patient and not hot-headed.

AJ: Time. Sometimes, even if I enjoy myself I still think that I am losing some time to spare with my family and myself.

MM: Time management. It’s difficult when you are sick but you need to be professional. Rain or shine, sick or not, the show must go on.

Caleb: Of course, we’re starting from the bottom. We go through all sorts of things in our training and the support of our fans is overwhelming. We’re just starting and our fans are acknowledging us well.

MJ: We, twins, travel far because we live in Laguna

Carlo: Maybe everything like publicity and shows, those are critical. it’s like examinations, when you fail you can be obsolescent. I just pray and work hard.

Aki: During rehearsals, even if I’m tired I still do my best.



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