Pop Girls wants you to Sige Sayaw at Party Pilipinas!

With their MV released few days ago, Pop Girls performs their second single “Sige Sayaw” at Party Pilipinas. This is their first time performing Sige Sayaw with their newest members. The hosts, audiences and Poparazzis surely enjoyed the performance.

Without further ado, catch their performance!

So guys, what can you say? 🙂

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POP GIRLS newest Music Video SIGE SAYAW premiered on MYX Music Channel since last few days and now it’s set to DOMINATE the YOUTUBE world, the leading Video Sharing Website in the World.

POP GIRLS 2nd Music Video was inspired of an Online Game called Dance Battle Audition where you can play the game using POP GIRLS song’s. The group is set to launch their latest MV on PARTY PILIPINAS this Sunday. PPOP Lovers out there,support them by voting for their MV on MYX just type MYX VOTE SIGE SAYAW and send it to 2366. PPOP Hataw! 😀
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[VIDEO]Pop Girls are Wannabe’s at Party Pilipinas!

CREDITS: OpinionAided’s Fan Page

Pop Girls performed Spice Girls‘ hit “Wannabe” at Party Pilipinas! Together with their new members, they’re really captivating us with their charm and swagger. Poparazzis will surely remember this number!

Without further ado, check their performance here:

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[VIDEO]XLR8 performs You’re So Hot plus Bingeul Bingeul at Party Pilipinas!

Another awesome performance from XLR8! They performed their debut single “You’re So Hot” plus “Bingeul Bingeul” by korean boy-band U-Kiss. A.FMs surely enjoyed the prod!

Enjoy their number!

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Pop Girls New Members?

Yes it is true. It was confirmed that members Mar and Lai were replaced with young and fresh members. According to Viva Records the members must be below 17 and Lai and Mar reached the company’s age limit requirements. But the question is will the members continue to be replaced when they reach the age limit? Doesn’t really make sense. Could there be another reason?
The new members are Joanna and Angellie. They were chosen for a reason because not only are they beautiful but they have amazing vocal talents and exceptional dance skills. Here’s the proof.
They are new the angels of our lives so let’s cherish them, admire them, and most importantly love them. Pop Girls will stand strong even in the the most destructive winds and their fans will always be here to support them.
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Toni Gonzaga is set to release her newest album “All Me” under Star Records this month. All Me’s MV, album’s carrier single was launched in Star Record Official Youtube Page and so far it’s getting lots of good feedbacks from PPOP supporters and OPM Lovers.

We’re really happy that Star Records is now taking the risk to promote PPOP.

Here’s the Music Video:

Goodluck Toni! 😀
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Kitty Girls releases "We On Fire"

Kitty Girls is an all-girl singing group formed in April 2007 by Ms.Cecille Carpio of Elan Models International and Jose Felix Dingcong of JLD Management, in the Philippines. Kitty Girls is a sing-and-dance group that’s currently getting a lot of attention in Manila with their Hits K.I.T.T.Y..
Kitty Girls was formerly a 5-member girl group. Tanya Yuquimpo was taken out of the group. After Nicole Deen, and Veronica Marsh left, Kitty Girls searched for their newest member. After several auditions, Kitty Girls revealed their newest member, Khai Lim, on their FB Fan Page.

Kitty Girls is now a 3-member girl group consisting of Jocelyn Oxlade, Ayanna Oliva, and Khai Lim.

“We On Fire” is their latest single with their new member Khai Lim. With it’s catchy beat, and powerful voices, I’m sure you’ll love their song “We On Fire”.

So, what can you guys say? Is it an In or Out? 🙂
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